Alicia Shen

Alicia Shen's unique background gives her an unparalleled distinction in the luxury market. Her years of success as a skincare agent with major salons in Beverly Hills such as Cristophe Joseph Martin and Brighton Salons has armed her with a lauded reputation and an A-list clientele, including some of the biggest actors, writers, directors and producers around the world.

Alicia has managed her success in her own boutique store. Located in the heart of Rodeo Drive, Prestige Skin Care Beverly Hills attracts many celebrities as well as many business people, thus creating relationships with some of the most exclusive clients in the world.

Having grown up Northwest of Hong Kong, Alicia is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. She understands the culture, and the high expectation of integrity and honesty, delivering a highly competitive and steadfast approach to sales using discretion and integrity to not only protect the privacy of her clients but to get the deal done on the best side.





Tommy Eyal Girhish

Eyal Girhish "Tommy", was born and rise in Israel, served almost 5 years in the IDF under a very high clearance working with Top Intelligence units of both IDF And the US FORCES allowing him to integrate between many verity of secret service operations giving him the advantage of being able to work in a high pressure conditions and deliver results in the maximum quality Top standards and quickly to his Chief commanders.  

Tommy is a well known locally and globally entrepreneur, who at age 25 open his own Academy called "START" teaching both young and older people how to trade the capital markets and be financially independent, teaching trading, pension and economics.

With his background in finance and engineering, Tommy is able to leverage his knowledge of estate planning to expertly guide his clients through the real estate investment process.

The multi-cultural and multi-lingual possesses a unique knowledge of foreign markets. With fluency in English, Hebrew and Russian also able to speak and understand Arabic and French and now together with Alicia he is studying Mandarin, Chinese.

Tommy specializes in working with foreign investors, developers and clients who is not familiar with the Beverly Hills Area, since he owns a Cosmetic shop right in the heart of the Beverly Hills Triangle called Prestige Skin Care - working with the absolute Top cosmetic products delivering the needs of many celebrities and business people in town.

Tommy acquired thousands of clients and friends since he has been working in Beverly Hills for  over 6 years getting invited to billionaires houses, VIP parties and special events.

Having his connection in town Tommy can get you Anything you need as he has many Concierge companies that are available at all time making it possible to get you anything you need, from a Hairstylist to a Top surgeon to a Private Jet and anything your mind is desire.  

Getting you the Best value for your property or money is the first priority that comes second to none. 

Welcome to LUXURY 90210 The place where we take you to the ultimate experience of lavish Beverly Hills. 

Every Dream Has An Address

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Every Dream Has An Address


9435 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills CA 90210

Alicia Shen

CALDRE:  02026588


Tommy Eyal Girhish

CALDRE:  02046178


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